The difference between our 3 grades of Watercolours

Nevskaya Palitra WatercoloursAt Art Eire we have 3 sets of Watercolours in our range. All our Watercolours are produced by Nevskaya Palitra, in the heart of St. Petersburg in Russia. For over 80 years (1934 to be exact) this company has been producing art and crafts materials, so as you can imagine, they are well known for their high quality. In this Blog post I will explain the difference between the 3 sets of watercolours for sale at

Grade: Extra-fine professional Artist’s quality:

White Nights Water ColoursWhite Nights

The best Watercolours on the market today, world famous, and recognised for their extremely high quality light-fast pigments and binders, If you want the best then these White Nights are for you. White Nights consist mostly of mono pigments and light-fast colours, but also have high quality pigments of their own including earth, cadmium and cobalt. The colours are made by hand from finely dispersed pigments and high-quality binders and are very easy to take on a brush, which makes them perfect for smearing and spreading. They are a dream to work with and exclusive to Art Eire. They are the most popular brand of watercolours we sell online.

Ian Sidaway, a well-respected and accomplished artist conducted in-depth studies into a rage of Watercolours. This was big news at the time as he is a real authority on the subject, having written over 18 books on Art and Art Techniques. He has named the White Nights as the best watercolours. He says ‘these semi moist paints offer very good value.’ He also classed them at professional artist quality, and was particularly impressed at how ‘colour lifts from the pan easily’.

Leningrad Extra Fine Artists Watercolours Set - 16 PansLeningrad

These Leningrad Watercolours are identical to the White Nights, only the difference being they have less choice of colours available and come in a cardboard only packaging which results in a lower price than White Nights.

There is a very good reason for Nevskaya Palitra to still produce Leningrad today. It has been the factory’s best seller for decades, so out of a mark of respect the plant decided to carry on producing them and to still use the original box design.

Grade:  Fine professional quality

Ladoga Artists Watercolour Set 24


Taking their name from a Russian Lake, Ladoga watercolours are fine professional quality paints. They are recommended for those on a sensitive budget but need artistic quality paints that can be used for the creation of important works. This Palette contains 24 of the most popular colours. High quality art supplies at a really affordable price. This is exactly why we offer them as part of our range.

For more info on this brand click here.

Grade: Studio quality

Set of Sonnet watercolours


Sonnet provides a low priced studio quality range of paints and are recommended for professional education and creative work. Aimed at students, amateurs, home hobbyists, or simply those who are on a budget, These Watercolours have the best ratio of price and quality and provide the shortest drying time possible.

For more info on this brand click here.

More info about our Watercolours

Nevskaya Palitra History - Leningrad 1962

Nevskaya Palitra History – Leningrad Paints from 1962

Nevskaya Palitra’s watercolours are all liquid poured. Other watercolours are by and large made with a dry compress extrusion process. Their exceptional process protects the integrity of each pigment resulting in semi-moist pans that respond instantly to a wet brush. In addition to pigments, the ingredients include gum arabic and honey.

Unlike other manufacturers who moved their paint productions to Asia, Nevskaya Palitra’s products are produced in the heart of St. Petersburg in Russia using the most modern recipes and techniques following old masters traditions since 1934.

These watercolours are available in over 50 countries and are now available in Ireland via with worldwide shipping.

Check out our Watercolours here and if you have any questions or query’s feel free to get in touch.

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