Ladoga Artists Watercolour Set


ladoga logoArt Eire offer these Fine Professional Quality Watercolours from Nevskaya Palitra. This company has been producing art and crafts products for professional Artists and amateurs alike for 80 years. Art Eire is the exclusive stockist of this range in Ireland.nevskaya palitra logo

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At Art Eire we have 3 grades of Watercolours in our range. This set of Ladoga Watercolours are Fine Professional Quality Artist Paints suitable for both Artists and Students.

Taking their name from a beautiful Russian Lake, Ladoga are a professional set at a low price range, This combination of price and quality also makes Ladoga the best choice for those who are actively engaged in painting, Making them perfect for professional, education and creative work. This is exactly why we offer them as part of our range.

The production process of these Watercolours are similar to the way Master-Class are manufactured, Which guarantees high quality light-fast organic pigments (especially with earth colours like Ochre, Sienna, Umber, etc). The advantage of which is they dry to the exact tone of the original colour.

Art Eire recommends this set of 24 popular colours for transparency and purity at an unbeatable price.

  • Suitable for artists and students
  • High quality light-fast organic pigments
  • A professional set at a low price range
  • Professional manufacturing techniques ensuring high quality

See the Colours included below with light-fastness rating:

Zinc White***
Hanza Yellow*
Ochre Yellow**
Raw Sienna***
Orange Lake*
Ochre Red***
English Red***
Madder Lake Red Light***
Blue Lake*
Bright Blue***
Turquoise Blue***
Yellow Green ***
Emerald Green***
Burnt Umber***
Neutral Tint***

* = Low Light-fastness   ** = Medium Light-fastness   *** = High Light-fastness

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