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The price is low and the quality is very high with these Artist’s Soft Pastels from Mungyo. These Pastels are classed as General Grade Pastels and aimed more at students and home hobbyists, However they are equally as popular with Professional Artists due to their rich pigments and smooth texture with each stick containing 30% more pigment by weight than most other brands.

Predictable and easy to handle, The soft texture is consistent across all colours. Unlike the Gallery brand, they aren’t wrapped in paper and due to their square shape makes them easy to turn on their sides for broad strokes. The colour range on these pastels are brilliantly compiled and very strong on chromatic bright colours.

Like all our Mungyo products, They come Presented in a sturdy cardboard box with a glossy printed cover. Each Pastel has its own plastic holding tray to separate each pastel stick to keep your collection nice and clean, And comes with a foam pad cover to keep the pastels from getting damaged. It’s the perfect carry-along pastel sketch set for plein air!

Available in sets of 12, 24, 32, 48 and 64, There is really something here for everyone.

  • Available in up to 64 Vivid and brilliant colours
  • All techniques can be applied easily; Blending, Gradation, Dry-wash, etc.
  • Easy to draw with a smooth touch
  • Made from the finest materials
  • Fade-resistant

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