Sonnet Artists Oil Colour Set – 12 x 10 ml Tubes


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“Sonnet” Artists Oil Colour Set – 12 Tubes containing 10ml per Tube

Imported from the Nevskaya Palitra plant,all the way from Russia, founded in the 1900’s.

“Sonnet” artists’ oil paints are created using the most modern technologies and materials. These paints are meant for artist’s painting. The colours are bright and pure, the paints are opaque and highly lightfast. The palette of “Sonnet” artists’ oil paints includes the most popular colours, necessary for those who are beginners in oil painting and are very easy to work with.

The Colours included in this Set are :

  • Zinc white***
  • Titanium white***
  • Cadmium yellow medium (HUE)**
  • Cadmium lemon (HUE)**
  • Madder lake red (HUE)**
  • Cadmium red deep (HUE)**
  • Ultramarine light**
  • Cobalt blue medium (HUE)**
  • Sap green**
  • Gold ochre**
  • Burnt umber***
  • Lamp black**

* = Low Lightfastness   ** = Medium Lightfastness   *** = High Lightfastness

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