Why Art Eire ?

Why Art Eire?

At Art Eire, we pride ourselves on our unique Art supplies and our customer service. Our customers trust our advice and we have spent a long time researching and testing the perfect products. We work closely with a team of Artists, distributors and experts to guarantee we stock only the highest quality supplies and materials at an affordable price. We take pride in the fact that we are always on hand to offer customers advice, and answer their queries. We don’t just sell arts and crafts products, we offer a whole customer experience.

We spend a great deal of our time researching and testing the art and crafts materials on our website. They are of the highest quality at affordable prices. We are delighted to have more than one line of art and crafts materials that are exclusively supplied to Art Eire.

From Russia With Love

nevskaya palitra logo

Our extensive research brought us firstly to Russia. Namely to the Artistic paints plant ‘Nevskaya Palitra’. This company has been producing art and crafts products for professional Artists and amateurs alike for 80 years. The factory began in 1934 as a varnish and paint factory, built on the banks of the river Chernaya. Neveskaya Palitra are now the best in the business and stock the highest quality materials on the market, distinguished world over by their trade mark ‘red pallette’.

Their paints have been used on the most iconic buildings in Russia; restoration works in museums and monuments such as the Hermitage, the State Russian Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Church of Christ the Savior, St. Basil Cathedral, and the Grand Kremlin Palace to name but a few, and their customers are master crafters such as Zhostove and icon painters in the style of Kholui and Mstera.

The team at Nevskaya Palitra are no strangers to education and take an active part supporting, the professional education in art and children’s creativity. They are also responsible for organising many events to promote the industry of art.

We have built up a wonderful relationship with this distributor, and are really excited to sell their range of art supplies. Art Eire is the exclusive stockist of this range in Ireland.

Caran d Ache

Swiss Alps and Pencils

 After the team at Art Eire had stocked up on paints, we made our way over to Switzerland in search of the perfect pencil. Anyone that knows and loves their pencils, knows that we were in search of Caran d’Ache; the Bentley of the pencil world!!

The natural materials found in the mountains of Switzerland gave rise to the first Swiss pencil factory set up in Geneva in 1915. Nine years later, in the hands of its founder, the visionary Arnold Schweitzer, Caran d’Ache was born.

Incidentally, as a nod to our Russian connection, ‘karandach’ is a Russian term for pencil. The founder, named the company after the nickname of a French satiric political cartoonist who had taken his name from this!

Caran d’Ache has an unrivalled reputation for luxury and quality pencils. They are the preferred pencils of many professional mixed media artists and Art Eire is delighted to stock them, and cheaper than anywhere else.

All pencils are designed and manufactured in the Geneva workshops of Caran d’Ache, in line with eco-friendly standards and certifications and according to the Swiss Made quality label.

We stock the most popular brands of Caran d’Ache pencils. All the colours of the rainbow and more!

Pablo is a good all-rounder and comes highly recommended for Landscapes.

Prismalo is an older more traditional brand from Caran d’Ache but retains its popularity to this day.

Swisscolour are water soluble and very popular with students artist or beginners, less expensive than other brands but lovely to work with.

Supracolor : another popular brand from CD, makes a very good choice both as a dry pencil and soluble.

tn_Lyra-logo 1

Wunderbar Pencils

From Switzerland, we went in search of another pencil – Lyra. For our customers who can’t afford the Bentley Pencil, Lyra comes a close second.

Manufactured in Germany, Lyra Rembrant are really high quality pencils at a low cost price.

They are certainly worth buying and ideal for a beginner before upgrading to Caran d’Ache. Lightfastness is good across the colour range and they do exactly what it says on the tin.

Art Eire has all the popular brands from Lyra, with the addition of some top class sharpeners and erasers added to our range.

mungyo logo

The Pastel Hues of Korea

 Our last destination on our crusade for the perfect Art Supplies landed us in Korea. Off to the colourful world of Mungyo!

Mungyo started life in 1946 as a blackboard company, and today, are a well recognised brand name for high quality pastels at a really affordable price.

As regards value for money, the soft pastels are excellent. Coming in boxes of 12, 24, 36, 48, or 72, choice and budget are really catered for. The colours apply beautifully and have a very tactile smooth contact, not needing much pressure to get pure colour from them. These are wonderful for students and for artists who travel or go out on location to draw.

Art Eire is the exclusive stockist and we supply a full range of oils, semi soft pastels and drawing pastels. They all have an excellent reputation for lightfastness and vibrant colours.

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The Green Grass of Home

Meanwhile back in Wexford, in the south east corner of Ireland, combining knowledge, experience and research, you have Art Eire – Ireland’s newest and most exclusive supplier of Arts supplies and materials.

We would be delighted to hear from you and look forward to helping you on your artistic journey.

If there is a product you have in your mind which we don’t stock, we would be happy to recommend an alternative.

We have done the research and we stand over all our products as regards quality, value for money and availability. You can trust in them as we have taken the guess work out of it.

We love Art, and all things Art. We believe that everyone should be allowed to express themselves creatively and our philosophy is to bring exclusive, professional quality products to all our customers at an affordable price. You can enjoy the delight of painting and crafting at the best value online.

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