Masterclass: Extra Fine Artists Gouache Colour Set – 12 Colours in 40 ml Jars


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Masterclass: Extra Fine  Artists Gouache Colour Set are professional grade paints made from finely ground pigments and binders with the addition of gum Arabic. They are ideal for painting, decorative, and graphic work. They can be easily applied to virtually all materials with smooth surface, but are best suited for paper, cardboard, and padded canvas. After drying, they create a matte, velvety surface, and can be easily washed off with water.

Notable for their:

  • High Lightfastness
  •  Excellent Opaqueness
  • Perfect Spreading

The colours included in the set  are:

  • Zinc White***
  • Yellow Light**
  • Ochre Light***
  • English Red***
  • Red**
  • Turquoise Blue**
  • Ultramarine**
  • Violet*
  • Green Light*
  • Green Dark***
  • Burnt Umber***
  • Lamp Black***

* = Low Lightfastness   ** = Medium Lightfastness   *** = High Lightfastness 

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